W.E. Jones Gym

Physical Education was always an essential part of the school curriculum. Buoyed by their teachers and team coaches, Byng athletes consistently won ribbons, medals., and trophies for the school as well as achieving personal recognition at all levels of local, provincial and international competitions.

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Team Photos

Enter here and find a selection of team photos and photos of teams in play, the earliest being 1923.  After 1949,  when the Echo yearbook began,  you can find complete team photos for each year. Go Byngers Go!!!!

Badges, Banners, Crests, Rules & Trophies

Great pride was taken in the championship teams at Baron Byng and there were many!! They were especially strong in basketball and soccer. Morris Fish (BBHS ’55) recalls that the school’s talented athletes were so good that in some years the ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams played each other for the city championships.