The Student’s Lounge

Explore the rich extra-curriculum life of Baron Byng students both in and out of the school. There were clubs, student councils, proms, field days and more!

Life Outside the Classroom

Student life at BBHS did not stop at the class room door. BBHS had a rich array of extra-curricular activities, clubs and councils. Students were involved in a multitude of activities and programs from school dances to plays, from chess clubs to debating.  Enter here to see students at work and play outside the classroom.

Baron Byng Reunions

Baron Byngers have held numerous reunions over the years. It is remarkable that the class of 1939 has had reunions almost every year since graduation and they continue until today! One of the most memorable reunions was the 50th reunion of the 1948 class with Mordecai Richler as class president. The class of 1960 continues […]