Katz-Zweig Classroom

Perhaps Baron Byng is most remembered for its high achieving student body. Both the teachers and parents of the students stressed academics. Students consistently placed at the top of the provincial rankings. Miss Katz a much loved English teacher and Mr. Zweig a respected math teacher exemplified the dedication the Baron Byng educators.

Class Photos and Lists

Class photos were consistently produced from 1926 to 1950. Starting in 1949, the annual yearbook, The Echo, was the main method of recording graduating students. All yearbooks have been scanned. Visit the Yearbook Page and scroll through the yearbooks page by page to see all the graduates.

Certificates, Awards & Reports Cards

Academics were highly stressed at BBHS. By all accounts parents and teachers imparted upon students the value of education as a way to advance. Here you can find is a sampling of memorabilia illustrating ways in which high academic achievement was acknowledged.