Dr. D.M. Herbert Music Room

Music played a hugely significant role in the BBHS curriculum. Its exceptional music program was created by Dr. D.M. Herbert, the school's much beloved music specialist from 1922 to 1947. Even today, alumni fondly recall their initiation to music thanks to Dr. Herbert. He brought a profound understanding and love of classical music to his students. Click here to see a video of alumni talking about music at BBHS.

Choir & Band Photos

Enter here to see the fascinating array of photos of the choirs and bands that illustrate the strength of the exceptional music program at BBHS.

Programs, Sheet Music, Trophies & Albums

BBHS’s rich music program, especially under Dr. D.M. Herbert, produced two annual events — the Christmas competition and the Spring concert — that have been captured in photos, programs, trophies and other memorabilia.