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Ary’s  father, noted artist Alexandre Bercovitch, first introduced Ary to painting while he was visiting Montreal, and she was instantly captivated. When she was 12, she enrolled in an art school founded by Norman Bethune for children of poor families. Ary quickly demonstrated her talent.  In 1934 she began drawing classes with Fritz Brandtner and, at 14, came first in a Canada-wide children’s competition (1937).


Sylvia Ary had her first solo exhibition in 1950. She worked continuously up to the 1990s, exhibiting her works regularly in both solo and group exhibitions. Her recognition soon extended beyond Montreal, and she exhibited her work in Quebec, Toronto, Winnipeg, New York and California. In 1960, she won first prize at the Art Exhibition of Saint-Laurent and in 1968 she was awarded first prize in the Pratt Institute of New York City’s International Competition for Miniature Etching.  Sylvia Ary’s paintings can be viewed in the Musée National des Beaux-Arts de Québec,
Laval City Hall, as weIl as a number of Montreal libraries. Her works can be found in  public institutions and private collections in Canada, United States, Europe and Israel.