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Norma Kucharsky (Lehrer)  lived as a child in the Plateau and Park Extension. She graduated from BBHS in 1960. Her father, Morris Kucharsky was also a graduate of Baron Byng.

Introduced to art by her family at an early age, Norma pursued her dream of being an artist by first studying at Sir George Williams while working as an artist and graphic designer, illustrating fashion for magazines, newspapers and poster displays. She graduated with a BFA and MA in Art Education both from Concordia University. In addition to working as an artist she also taught the visual arts  (painting, drawing and sculpture) and mass media (photography, film-animation and printmaking ) in high school as well as drawing and illustration at the university level.

Her artwork reflects a wide variety of professional and academic experiences – expressing herself in a variety of media and materials. She has participated in many juried exhibitions in private and artist-run galleries,  cultural centers as well as solo shows. Painting for has been a constant thread of expression throughout her adult life – her imagery drawn from her life experiences and love of exploration and travel.