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Self‑portrait in a Green Fedora
1940, Oil on canvas, 51 x 46 cm
Purchase, Horsley and Annie Townsend Bequest
Coll. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Photo Christine Guest, MMFA


At BBHS Reinblatt studied art under Anne Savage and graduated in 1935. He continued his study of art for seven years in the studio of Alexandre Bercovitch where he developed a deep appreciation for impressionism and post-impressionism. While in the R.C.A.F, during the war, he continued to paint focussing on the workers behind the war effort rather than combat. In 1944 he was appointed official war artist in August of 1944. Over sixty of his paintings and drawings have been deposited in the Canadian War Records Collections.


Throughout his lifetime, Reinblatt won many prestigious awards for his art including the Rolph, Clarke, Stone Award for his dry point print “The Drinker” (1948), the Adrian Seguin Award for his etching, “Girl’s Head with Bow” (1958), the C.W. Jeffreys Award (shared with two other artists) for his etching “Acrobats” (1962) and the Canada Centennial Medal for his outstanding service to Canada (1968). Reinblatt had numerous solo and group shows throughout his lifetime. His work is represented in many important public and private collections including the National Gallery of Canada and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.