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Claire Wald was in her fifties when she started painting objects in her signature naive style, beginning with modest items like wooden boxes and bangles. After a stranger wanted to know where to get bracelet like the one she was wearing, she was inspired to find a commercial outlet for her work. She hunted down battered objects that could do with a new coat of painting, so metal pitchers, milk cans, sleds, small cabinets and huge armoires were added to her repertoire.

By 1991 she was painting on canvas and began showing her work at The Shayne Gallery in Montreal, West End Gallery in Westmount, and Galerie Jeannine Blais in North Hatley. In 1993 she was invited to participate in her first “Concours international d’art naif”, which was an important confirmation of her acceptance as an artist. Even more important to her, though, was the connections she forged with others in the naive art community, giving her ample opportunity to talk about art and artists, and even to trade works.  Her son, Lorne Wald recalls Claire often spoke of Anne Savage, Baron Byng’s gifted art teacher, as an inspiration and influence in her life. A teacher who pointed out that there is beauty everywhere and who inspired her to look at the world in that way, enriching her own life and those of others.