Notable Alumni

Open from only 1921- 1980, how does one explain a school that produced so many graduates that went on to make names for themselves in so many fields. The answer is its spirit — The Spirit of Byng. Its alumni include so many accomplished men and women in almost every field of endeavor from art to medicine, from literature to business. Some of the most well-known graduates include poets A.M. Klein (BBHS ‘26) and Irving Layton , writer Mordecai Richler (BBHS ‘48), the Honorable Justice Morris Fish (BBHS ‘55), Nobel Prize recipient Rudolf Marcus (BBHS ’41) , former N.D.P. leader David Lewis (BBHS ’28), renowned doctors, Phil Gold (BBHS ’53) and Peter Metrakos (BBHS ’77). And the list goes on….

You can also consult the video interviews to see more Notable Alumni as well as visit the Klein-Layton-Richler Library and The School of Byng Gallery.


Jacques Bradewjn (BBHS ’69 )

Le docteur Bradwejn détient un doctorat en médecine de l’Université de Sherbrooke ....

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roman rosencwaig (BBHS ’65)

Ce qui est encore plus remarquable et notoire, c’est le fait que ....

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