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Seymour Segal (BBHS ’56)

Born: 1939, Montreal, Quebec

Seymour Segal was born in Montreal in 1939. He has been remarkably active in the Canadian arts community for nearly 50 years. Segal taught Fine Arts at Université du Québec à Montréal, Dawson College, Université de Sherbrooke, Ottawa School of Art, and the Saidye Bronfman Centre. Segal also exhibits internationally in frequent solo and group shows. His work is part of private collections in Canada, the USA, England, Switzerland, Australia, Israel and Japan. In his own words: “The studio is my sand box; the grains of sand are my colors. Brushes and chalks are my tools. Together we play, explore and improvise. I discover stuff I didn’t know I knew. I paint to celebrate and to denounce. Painting is a ritual honoring my belief in creativity, in the here and now. The studio is my chapel.”

Since launching his career in the 1960s, this Montreal artist and teacher has earned a reputation not just for his style, but also for the compassion that seems to invest all that he does.

Since 1975, Segal has conducted intensive creativity workshops for groups as diverse as artists, teachers, therapists and administrators. His mission is to help others focus the visual language as a means of expression. He has led groups on artistic adventures in France, Israël, Costa Rica, Italy, Greece and Tunisie, inspired by each countries cultural and historical aspects as well as their natural beauty. Segal remains an artist engagé, as driven and unapologetic as he was at the beginning of his career.

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Seymour Segal: Ateliers de peinture SEYMOUR SEGAL, Catherine-Chantal Boivin, Voir, Sept. 2012
Seymour Segal, Han Art