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Peter Metrakos (BBHS ’77)

Born: 1960, Greece

After graduating BBHS, Peter Metrakos attended McGill University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and immunology. He then went on to study medicine at McGill. After McGill he received transplant training in London and Minnesota. He is currently the Director of the Multi-Organ Transplant Program and Director of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery at the McGill University Health Centre and Associate Professor of Surgery, Pathology and Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University School of Medicine.

Metrakos is also a member of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre.  His research focuses on liver physiology, pathology and molecular signatures. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is now the leading cause of liver disease in North America and can lead to Type II diabetes, liver cirrhosis (requiring liver transplantation), liver cancer (hepatocellular cancer), and increase the probability of other types of cancer spreading to the liver (liver metastasis). Metrakos hopes to find new therapies for these diseases with the help of our human tissue bank and technologies such as proteomics and genomics.

You can hear Metrakos talk about his days at BBHS and his training to become a surgeon and transplant specialist in the following video interview