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Nathan Agensky (BBHS ’55)

Born: 1938, Montreal, Quebec

Nathan was the son of Rubin and Jessie Agensky. His parents emigrated in the 1920s from Russia and Urkraine respectively.

Agensky entered BBHS in 1951 from Herzliah High School on Esplanade. After graduating from BBHS he attended McGill where in 1961 he earned a degree in Civil Engineering. He continued for two years in graduate school studying Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. After working for nine years and becoming the director of an engineering firm that specialized in inspection and testing services, he decided to start his own soil testing company in 1972 – Inspec-sol Inc. His wife was the office manager and they started with one engineer and one technician. The company concentrated on the testing of ground upon which structures were to be built such as high rises, shopping centers, bridges and roads. Shortly after starting they expanded into the inspection and testing of concrete, steel and roofs. They eventually entered the environmental inspection field.

They worked on nummerous major projects including the Olympic Village, Place Montreal Trust, Promenade St. Bruno, Carrefour Agrignon and the Jewish General Hospital among others. In 1988 with a staff of about 750, half the firm was sold to an environmental company from Waterloo Ontario call CRA. CRA went on to purchase the remainder. In 2013 CRA amalgamated with GDH, a 7,000-person firm in Australia.

Agensky married Sheila Wexler in 1961, and has a daughter Gail, two granddaughters and a grandson. His son Brian passed away in 2012. He and his family all live in Toronto. His community involvement included being president of the Balfour Lodge of B’nai B’rith, and chairman of the CSL executive softball and hockey leagues.