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Coll. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Photo Christine Guest, MMFA

Moe Reinblatt (BBHS ’35)

1917,  Montreal, Quebec – 1979,  Montreal, Quebec

Moe Reinblatt was born and lived in Montreal throughout his life. His family immigrated from Bessarabia. At BBHS Reinblatt studied art under Anne Savage. He continued his art education for seven years in the studio of Alexandre Bercovitch, where he developed a deep appreciation for impressionism and post-impressionism, as well as at the Montreal Museum’s School of Fine Arts and Design.

In 1942 Reinblatt joined the R.C.A.F. as an airframe mechanic. He continued to paint in his spare time depicting the workers behind the war effort rather than soldiers in combat. He showed his wartime work at an exhibition at the Art Association of Montreal where he took first place for his portrait of “Cpl. Seagar (Rigger)” and fourth prize for his drawing “Daily Inspection.” As a result of these awards, he was appointed official war artist in August of 1944, commissioned with the rank of Flying Officer, and served overseas recording scenes around stations handling Mosquito and Halifax aircraft. Three of his war drawings appear in Jerrold Morris’ Canadian Artists and Airmen (1940-45). When Reinblatt returned to Canada after the war, over sixty of his paintings and drawings were deposited in the Canadian War Records Collections.

In 1945 Reinblatt joined the staff of the Montreal Museum’s School of Fine Arts and Design where he taught drawing and graphic art. There he met with two other teachers from the Montreal Museum School, Goodridge Roberts and Eldon Grier. They frequently met to discuss their ideas even though their approach to art was radically different. ‘Moe celebrated everything he painted,’ said Eudice Garmaise, who shared studio space with Reinblatt for 30 years. ‘He celebrated flowers, the landscape, people, humanity. He was warm, friendly, kind and an excellent teacher.” He also made social commentaries through his art with scenes like “Ste. Catherine Street Beggar”.

Throughout his lifetime, Reinblatt won many prestigious awards for his work including the Rolph, Clarke, Stone Award for his dry point print “The Drinker” (1948), the Adrian Seguin Award for his etching, “Girl’s Head with Bow” (1958), the C.W. Jeffreys Award (shared with two other artists) for his etching “Acrobats” (1962), and the Canada Centennial Medal for his outstanding service to Canada (1968).

Reinblatt had numerous solo and group shows throughout his lifetime. In the 1950’s, the Waddington Galleries became his Montreal dealer. In the 1970’s he also exhibited with Wallack Galleries in Ottawa and Roberts Gallery in Toronto. His work is represented in many important public and private collections including the National Gallery of Canada and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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