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Lorne Trottier (BBHS ’65)

Born: 1948 Montreal, Quebec

Lorne Trottier is an engineer, businessman, and philanthropist who co-founded Matrox Electronics Systems, with business partner Branko Matica. Matrox Electronics is a multimillion-dollar firm in Dorval with 800 employees worldwide that’s at the leading edge of graphics, video editing, and image processing.  He was born in the “Plateau” neighbourhood of Montreal to a Jewish mother and French father. He attended BBHS when the demographics in the area were changing from predominantly Eastern European Jews to a more mixed English/French student body.

During his studies at Baron Byng, Trottier was fascinated by a variety of science subjects including electronics, geology, and biology. After graduating from Baron Byng, he attended McGill University where he received a Bachelor of Engineering. He also holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and an honorary science doctorate from the same university.

In addition to accomplishments in the business world, Trottier is a notable philanthropist. His charitable contributions include large donations to McGill University to fund the construction of the Lorne Trottier Engineering building, as well as the departments of cosmology, astrophysics and aerospace engineering. He established the Trottier Family Foundation in 2000 to promote science, technology, education, health care, and third-world economic development. In 2013, the Trottier Family Foundation made a $10 million donation to create the Trottier Energy Institute at Polytechnique Montréal. This donation is among the largest received by Campus Montréal, an umbrella organization bringing together HEC Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal, and Université de Montréal for joint fundraising campaigns. Trottier also leads and funds the Trottier Energy Futures Project which is aimed at reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and exploring alternative energy.

Trottier has received numerous awards and titles including being named to the Order of Canada in 2007.

Hear Lorne talk about his formative years at BBHS and the start of his career.

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