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Joseph Portnoy (BBHS ’58)

Born: 1941, Montreal, Quebec

Joseph Portnoy is the son Sam and Menna Portnoy, orthodox Polish Jewish immigrants.   After graduating BBHS he enrolled in McGill university earning his medical degree in 1966. While a resident he earned a post doctoral fellowship in microbiology. From 1969 to 1971  he attended Stanford Medical Center, becoming a Fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases.

He joined the staff of the JGH in 1971 as an associate physician in the Department of Microbiology’s Division of Infectious Diseases, where he still works and has garnered numerous accomplishments. Among which were establishing the Infectious Diseases Clinic and initiating the Medical Day Outpatient Clinic. The latter evolved to include a Home Antibiotic Treatment Program, which freed some patients to resume their lives at home. In 1972 he established the Social Diseases Clinic. The Clinic is the only walk-in clinic of its kind in Quebec for these diseases, and it has become a model for other clinics in the province. In 1999 he accepted additional responsibility as Director of Professional Services which was a natural outgrowth of his role as a physician — concern for the well-being of his own patients.  In 2011 he was honoured with the Award for Excellence in Physician Management.

In addition to his full medical practice, Joseph Portnoy has served as President of the Hebrew Academy, President of Beth Hamidrash Hagodol Congregation, and Chairman of the Board of Congregation Shomrim Laboker and has served on several committees of the Combined Jewish Appeal, including the Chaplaincy Committee.