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James David “Jimmy” Raymond (BBHS ’41)

Born: 1925, Ukmergi (Wilkomir), Lithuania.

James David “Jimmy” Raymond’s family settled in Montreal in 1928 and he currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario and Sarasota, Florida. He is married to Shirley E. Scullion and entertains three sons and three grandsons.

James attended Baron Byng High School from 1937 thru 1941 and graduated with Honors in Engineering (Chemical) from McGill University in 1946. He held the Nevil Norton Evans Scholarship at McGill. Subsequently he lectured at McGill in 1946-1947 and taught at Marianopolis College (then a Catholic girl’s college) from 1946 thru 1956. In 1950 James entered the real estate business as a developer and investor specializing in the construction and leasing of service stations to major oil companies and the construction of small office and industrial buildings. In the late 1950’s he founded an appraisal company, J.D. Raymond & Associates, which developed into one of Canada’s largest appraisal firms. In 1978 the firm, then known as Raymond, Joyal, Sabourin, Théaudière & Roy, was transferred by Mr. Raymond to his senior partners. Among major appraisal jobs carried out by this firm was the Trans-Canada Highway, Visual-Omni Radar Sites across Canada, and the Decarie Autoroute. The firm was the principal appraiser in the expropriation and settlement of 27 square miles of land, building and businesses for the establishment of the Mirabel Airport. Mr. Raymond was also appointed Conciliator for the St. Lawrence Seaway and Caughnawaga Indians expropriations, settling the case by rendering a judgment that was accepted by both the Indian Band and the Canadian Government.

In 1978 James joined CEMP Investments Ltd., one of the largest private investment firms in the world, as vice-president. He became president and CEO in 1985 and, subsequently, became president of the successor company, Claridge Inc. Highlights of an extensive business career include the senior vice-presidency of the Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, the chairmanship of the board of Warrington Inc., the chairmanship of the board of Execaire Inc.,  and vice-president and director of both Canada-Israel Development Ltd. and Super-Sol Limited. James was a director and member of the Executive Committee, Human Resources Committee and Chairman of the Credit Committee of the National Bank of Canada. He was a director of Campeau Corporation and was appointed CEO and president of the Executive Office until a permanent chief executive officer was appointed. He was vice-chairman and director of Ouimet-Cordon Bleu and served on several other public and private boards including First International Bank of Israel, Bow Valley Industries, the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Canadian 88 Energy Inc.,  Chairman of the Executive Committee and Director of Cineplex Odeon Corporation, and president of the Banff School of Management

James is a past campaign chairman of Combined Jewish Appeal (Quebec), past president of The Montefiore Club from 1975-77, past president of Temple Emanu-El, president of Fédération des Loisirs des Handicapés du Québec, and the past chairman of the Architectural Barriers Committee of the Province of Quebec. He is currently a member of the Mount Royal Club.