In the summer of 2011 a group of Baron Byng High School alumni first came up with the idea of creating a museum about their unique and cherished school (“BBHS”). The museum morphed into this extensive online project where memorabilia, yearbooks, and videos about the storied school can be accessed. The Baron Byng Museum and Hall of Honour pays homage to the history and life of BBHS and traces the evolution of the high school from its opening in 1921 to its closing in 1980. It highlights the achievements of Baron Byng’s teachers, students and graduates. Particular attention is paid to their contributions to the fabric of Montreal and their enrichment of Quebec, Canada and the international community. They straddle wide-ranging fields, from arts to sciences, commerce to education and the military with particular attention to those students who gave their lives in the Second World War.

The Museum is designed as a work in progress, allowing more information, documents and photographs to be added to this interesting mosaic of data. This project is made possible by the support and commitment of the following individuals and foundations:

Ad Hoc Committee: